Lumin T2 streamer

I have had my Lumin T2 for about 4 months. It is hooked up to my Anthem 1120 receiver and I am using a Sim 330A amp to power my L-R Paradigm 85F speakers with two Paradigm 1000SW subs. The Lumin is connected to the 1120 with good quality RCA cables

I just was never blown away by the sound, the bass was never right. It sounded good but not what I had expected for the money.

A few days ago I changed the setting on the Lumin to Analog Audio Re-sampling from on to custom and I am using the custom defaults

The change has really been dramatic. The bass now sounds perfect, the soundstage is more open, music has more of a live sound. My family all noticed the change. 

I really have no idea what turning analog  audio re-sampling to custom does but it made a huge difference. 

Is it possible that before the Lumin was using the DAC from the Anthem 1120 receiver and now it is using the Lumin Dac as it was meant to?



@bwguy thanks, yes it is set to custom. I don’t have a clue how to set it so yes the defaults are native. I just registered at Audio Shark and will check the Lumin section. Thanks again

To use the DAC of your Anthem 1120,

ACTIVE AUDIO OUT on your LuminT2 should be set to SPDIF

and you use the proper digital cable to connect to your Anthem.

This is the way , it is with my LuminX1 I think.

I only use , ANALOG  .

@maxwave Wouldn’t the DAC of the T2 be superior to the 1120. I don’t quite get how you set it up. If you are using a digital cable how is it analog? I am using Nordost Red Dawn Interconnect


If you are using a digital cable and ACTIVE AUDIO OUT set to SPDIF ( maybe also USB )  , the T2 will stream in digital only. ( not using his DAC ) to the 1120.

Then the DAC of your 1120 will do the conversion Digital to Analogue.

This feature is for those , who have a very highend separate DAC.

Which DAC is the best between your gears , I do not know.

This the way , I understand it.

I use the analog output of the Lumin to my integrated amp.

So I use the DAC of the Lumin.