Lumin T2 vs X1 - How big is the sound difference?

So I have a Lumin T2 DAC/Streamer and I wondered if I could get more out of my system by upgrading in the DAC/Streamer area. One that I have my sets set on is the X1. For those that have heard both, how big a difference in sound quality is there? 

I connect my Lumin directly to my amp (Line Magnetic 805ia and the soon coming Diablo 300). 

Hello from Canada, went from D1/sbooster, to T1, and now X1...
from T1 to X1 hughe hughe upgrade in sq, finally my last streamer!
I had the D-2, A-1 and now X-1.  Major Major sound difference between them all.  I have just ordered the U-1 mini for a secondary DAC for my theater room.  I lovethe X-1 but am selling mine as I just ordered Lampi Pacific.  I just wanted a tube DAC.  Email me if you are interested in the X-1.  
We are a lumin dealer with a number of reference dacs on display 35k the x1 comes close to the best available at a price which is a fraction of the price

We also.have a t2 and yes the differences are huge we take trade ins please contact us

Dave and troy
Audio intellect nj