Lumin U1 Mini - how to set up Network *without* Ethernet cables?

To Lumin owners. I just got the Lumin U1 Mini. Had Limetree (Lindemann) Bridge before.

Need to connect the Lumin streamer to my wifi network. There won’t be any ethernet cable as my router/modem (from ISP) are in a different room than where the music and DAC need to be.

I’ve downloaded the Lumin app but the dum  app seems useless. It presumes the Lumin is already on the network. Which is a bit of chicken and egg as there’s no way on the device itself to connect to the network -- how would I enter the wifi password etc?

Any ideas how I get it on to my wifi and set up the password etc? The online manual is horribly un-informative. Does Lumin presume everyone will use Ethernet cables to connect to modem/router?

I am little surprised this is what "audiophiles" rave about. The basic setup is not even thought-through. And manual refers only to "iPad", most users will use their iPhone. Welcome any pointers.


Do yourself a favor and run Ethernet to your Lumin. My router is upstairs and at the other end of the house, but I made it work. This is truly your best option.

BTW, don’t plan on using your phone for the Lumin app. It really needs to be on a tablet and the app works better in the apple world than Android. Speaking from experience here.


I use eero mesh and run Supra Cat8 from eero to my Lumin U1 Mini. 
Excellent sound. 

Agreed…Lumin app is unusable on phone. Overall by far not the best UI around. 

But if you use Tidal as your streaming service lumin has this nifty feature called Tidal connect. When configured you can use Tidal app on your phone or tablet to stream and the sound quality is excellent. You won’t get your local library that way though. 

Thank you so much for all the helpful posts. Love this community even if I've been more an observer for a few years. 

Lumin U1 is ultimately not for me. My honest "review" if I am qualified to do that.

First the basic lack of features. 

  1. Ethernet-only was a disappointment and should be mentioned more prominently in their brochureware. I tried it with Eero 6 Pro and the speed etc is fine, but even more cable spaghetti everywhere needs to be called out.
  2. iPhone app is horrid. Like, really horrid. iPad-only is a stupid decision. Not everyone will lug an iPad around their home at all times. 
  3. Their manuals need help too, as does their support. 


Most importantly the sound quality. My comparison is with Lindemann Limetree Bridge II that this was meant to replace. The Bridge is a tiny German made device, which unassumingly produces stellar sound -- and I thought their app was 'basic' until I saw this Lumin rubbish. The Lumin SQ is not all as stellar as raving fanboys make it out. What were they listening to before? Coming from Bridge II there's absolutely no sonic difference. 

My chain: 
Streamer (Bridge II or Lumin U1 Mini) --> RME DAC --> Dynaudio powered speakers so amp is built in  


When I had gotten Bridge II from Hifishark I was moving from Node 2i. It was a huge and audible upgrade. Node has horrid networking issues even in its version 3 (which is just called Node) and the sound was stupid, worse than my Mac Mini before. Bridge II brought joy. 

I thought I was 'upgrading' from Bridge II to the raved-about Lumin. Not at all. The streamer's job is to unintrusively pass high end signals to my DAC. The RME is a joyful piece of kit (I've also tried Denafrips Aries II and all the foaming adulation is similarly unclear to me; Aries II was an improvement over Modius for sure, but RME is perfect for me--transparent, lovely sound stage, no coloration added to make it "analog" and all that pablum) and I think the biggest difference comes from speakers anyway. 

Net net: U1 sent back. Pointlessly large piece of kit when we have options like Limetree Bridge. 

How were you using it? Usb would be your best option from the streamer to the dac


Also upconverting to dsd sounds far better then 16 44k

That is done in the options menu set custom sampling 16 44k  all to dsd and then listen to it

Your bridge or streamer affects SQ very little if at all it just needs to get the stream to the DAC. The Limetree should be fine or even a raspberry pi. I use the Lumin U1 mini as a Roon endpoint and it has AES3 out which I need I don't exect it to improve the SQ.