Lumin U1 Mini - how to set up Network *without* Ethernet cables?

To Lumin owners. I just got the Lumin U1 Mini. Had Limetree (Lindemann) Bridge before.

Need to connect the Lumin streamer to my wifi network. There won’t be any ethernet cable as my router/modem (from ISP) are in a different room than where the music and DAC need to be.

I’ve downloaded the Lumin app but the dum  app seems useless. It presumes the Lumin is already on the network. Which is a bit of chicken and egg as there’s no way on the device itself to connect to the network -- how would I enter the wifi password etc?

Any ideas how I get it on to my wifi and set up the password etc? The online manual is horribly un-informative. Does Lumin presume everyone will use Ethernet cables to connect to modem/router?

I am little surprised this is what "audiophiles" rave about. The basic setup is not even thought-through. And manual refers only to "iPad", most users will use their iPhone. Welcome any pointers.


How were you using it? Usb would be your best option from the streamer to the dac


Also upconverting to dsd sounds far better then 16 44k

That is done in the options menu set custom sampling 16 44k  all to dsd and then listen to it

Your bridge or streamer affects SQ very little if at all it just needs to get the stream to the DAC. The Limetree should be fine or even a raspberry pi. I use the Lumin U1 mini as a Roon endpoint and it has AES3 out which I need I don't exect it to improve the SQ. 

Sounds like the OP bought Lumin used without doing much research at all then Wanted this forum to do tech support….😉

First, a wireless access point is super easy to buy, install and integrate with any streamer. It’s also about $25.

since you didn’t know that, I pretty much discount what you say across the board….

if you can tell the difference between some German bridge and a Node 2i but can’t understand a wireless access point, the. You live in a parallel universe to mine…😂😂😂😂

If you never used the Lumin hard wired then it’s not a fair comparison. And as far as the phone is concerned, any app will look and perform better on a larger platform. I love using an iPad to control my music. I don’t wander around the house, I sit in the listening chair and it’s perfect for that.

Sorry it didn’t work out for you, but I think the U1 mini is a great value when you look at all it does. I came from a Node, an Allo Digi One before that,  SB Touch before that. It certainly sounds better than all of those. Look on the bright side, you just saved yourself 2k.



I did try Lumin Ethernet-wired (no other way) with Eero 6 Pro Wifi-6 mesh network router. Connected to my RME by Optical digital cable. Used via Tidal Connect. I will ONLY ever use these streamers through Spotify and Tidal themselves, never their own app. (The own app is used for other settings like firmware upgrade or upsampling etc.)

I also play Limetree Bridge II with wired, but it also works flawlessly via wifi only.

Sound quality on both options was the same, running via RME to my Dynaudio speakers. But Limetree is smaller, upgrades are totally automated via web one click inside app, and optionally works completely wirelessly.

FYI - Tidal is always 44 kHz, 16 bit, with usually 1411 kbps as I have a 1 GIG wifi connection in a big city. No need for upsampling etc, although Bridge II also does upsampling with a hardware switch. I've never needed it. Sound is great without doing all this tinkering. 

Limetree Bridge II it is for me. Lumin U1 I'm sure is nice I’m sure for people who don’t mind a large clunky gadget and twice the price for the same SQ.