Lumin U1 Mini - how to set up Network *without* Ethernet cables?

To Lumin owners. I just got the Lumin U1 Mini. Had Limetree (Lindemann) Bridge before.

Need to connect the Lumin streamer to my wifi network. There won’t be any ethernet cable as my router/modem (from ISP) are in a different room than where the music and DAC need to be.

I’ve downloaded the Lumin app but the dum  app seems useless. It presumes the Lumin is already on the network. Which is a bit of chicken and egg as there’s no way on the device itself to connect to the network -- how would I enter the wifi password etc?

Any ideas how I get it on to my wifi and set up the password etc? The online manual is horribly un-informative. Does Lumin presume everyone will use Ethernet cables to connect to modem/router?

I am little surprised this is what "audiophiles" rave about. The basic setup is not even thought-through. And manual refers only to "iPad", most users will use their iPhone. Welcome any pointers.


Optical digital cable? Really? Well there’s your issue right there! You opted for the worst possible way to connect your transport/streamer to DAC. 
Use USB or AES or SPDIF…anything but optical. 

Also, U1 Mini needs about 150-200hrs to break in to sound best. 
Sending it back now without giving it a chance is up to you but know that you didn’t give it fair chance. 



I completely forgot about break in. That will certainly be poo pooed by many here, but the Lumin does sound better with some hours on it.


FYI - Tidal is always 44 kHz, 16 bit, with usually 1411 kbps as I have a 1 GIG wifi connection in a big city. No need for upsampling etc, although Bridge II also does upsampling with a hardware switch. I've never needed it. Sound is great without doing all this tinkering. 

Are you serious? I’m listening to albums on Tidal in 24/192. 

You must use usb to get higher sampling you could not run a comparison of NOS vs dsd without running from usb


So you never heard what it It is capable of dsd is a huge improvement 


Yup 100%. 


I’m gonna give it another shot later today but last time I tried it resulted in a somewhat  diffused soundstage (which can be interpreted as larger but less precise and less defined) and a skinnier bottom end. Are you upsampling 16/44 only or all sample rates?