Lumin U1 Mini - how to set up Network *without* Ethernet cables?

To Lumin owners. I just got the Lumin U1 Mini. Had Limetree (Lindemann) Bridge before.

Need to connect the Lumin streamer to my wifi network. There won’t be any ethernet cable as my router/modem (from ISP) are in a different room than where the music and DAC need to be.

I’ve downloaded the Lumin app but the dum  app seems useless. It presumes the Lumin is already on the network. Which is a bit of chicken and egg as there’s no way on the device itself to connect to the network -- how would I enter the wifi password etc?

Any ideas how I get it on to my wifi and set up the password etc? The online manual is horribly un-informative. Does Lumin presume everyone will use Ethernet cables to connect to modem/router?

I am little surprised this is what "audiophiles" rave about. The basic setup is not even thought-through. And manual refers only to "iPad", most users will use their iPhone. Welcome any pointers.


OK so I use coaxial SPDIF cable into RME (from my Limetree Bridge). This gives me 192khz in 24bit. Great sound, in a small package. 

Thanks to all the helpful responses. Lumin probably for another day.  

I've just found this thread and it is interesting indeed.

I currently have a Zen Stream as my network bridge/transport and it has excellent Wi-Fi which has allowed me to get rid of a lot of complexity (I experimented with FMCs, SFPs, Cisco switches, Audio Switches, exotic USB cables and Ethernet filters.)

I really don't want to go back to anything that requires a tonne of extra (expensive) boxes to make it sound good.

I'm in the market for a new network transport and I have my eye on Lumin and Auralic products. Auralic are famed for their excellent Wi-Fi circuitry but they also don't do MQA (not a deal breaker but worth noting).

So my question to the Lumin folks here is: does the Ethernet interface in the U1 and U2 mini require any exotic Ethernet "conditioning" or does it take care of all of that itself?

My router is within a few feet of my kit so I can easily run a good-quality cable (I have a couple of Audioquest Pearl Cat6a still), I also have a Cisco Catalyst 2960 spare that I could deploy inline. But I don't want to spend hundreds, nay thousands on Ethernet exotica on top of the cost of a Lumin mini.

@jabbaman does it require any exotic ethernet conditioning? No. As long as you use a good ethernet cable your sound quality will be fine.
If you want to use “exotic “ ethernet conditioning you can and depending on what it is you can obtain a pretty audible slight improvement in sound quality but it will not be night and day. I used Network Acoustics Eno streaming system with my Lumin U1 Mini and it was better than using low end ethernet cable. But if you get a decent cable, I wouldn’t sweat it. Just enjoy the music!

Thanks @audphile1, that is encouraging.

Did you compare the Eno to "just" better cables"? As the Eno is not a cheap add on I'm assuming it gave you sufficient bang for your buck?

I am planning to compare Eno to higher ethernet cables but not sure when I’ll get around to it. The only cable I compared it to was the Supra cat 8 and cheap yellow and blue ones.