Lumin U1 Mini - LPS vs upgraded power cord

Hi all,
I was wondering if anybody has experience upgrading the Lumin U1 Mini with a linear power supply (Sbooster, Plixir, Kenneth Lau) vs keeping the stock power supply (switch mode) and adding a better power cord. Which would offer better sonic improvements?

Just guessing, but likely LPS. All of the higher tier Lumin products use them so there must be a reason they go to the extra expense.
The engineering and science comparing a linear power supply to a switching power supply is documented.
@spinaker01, nekoaudio,

thank you for your responses. In general (and as spinaker01 mentioned, in the Lumin line-up), it makes sense that a linear power supply would yield benefits. However, considering that some manufacturers/devices use SMPS units very effectively (Devialet, Soulution), I was curious as to how much I would gain by adding a 3rd party LPSU.
It'd be interesting to hear experiences from Lumin owners that have gone down the LPSU upgrade path.

Thanks again