Lumin U1/U2 versus T3

Currently using a T3 and out of curiosity demo'd a PS Audio Direct Stream MK 1 DAC. The PSA dac definitely improved my system and my question is, will the U1 or U2 be a substantial or noticeable improvement over the T3. Not ruling out a PS Audio Airlens as a streamer either using I2S. Currently I'm using spdif out of T3 to DAC via BNC. 

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@samzx12 Congrats, its a phenomenal streamer. In addition to USB, try the AES. To me it retained all the details but added some warmth. Another noticeable upgrade is keeping a lookout for the X1 power supply that's plug and play with the U1.

@samzx12 I've used both USB and SPDIF on my U2 mini.

USB was quieter, but that was probably due to the TotalDac Gigafilter cable filtering out the noise.

Get a Berkeley alpha USB interface series 2 for the U2 and that will be the end game setup.

It isolates the USB port from the reclocked digital signal.

It will be a huge leap from the USB/SPDIF output of the U2.