Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?

Has anyone done this comparison ? How close can the mini get ?
If anyone is interested in a u1 mini modded to accept other ext PSUs besides sbooster I have a black one in great condition with a keces p8 PSU and ghent DC cable. I am in Canada but would consider shipping to usa. Hit me up if interested.
Gonna try an upgraded ethernet cable (custom made, cat8 with telegartner terminations) on it. I really want to try the uptone though.
I’ll probably opt for the Uptone JS 2 amp linear power supply with their Mac Kit. Comes to around a thousand. In the long run, I’ll probably purchase a Naim Uniti Core and add the JS 2 to that. It’s precarious given whether I can find the Naim second hand but I’m on that path.
I use the U1 mini with a Black Cat Tron and Bakoon DAC 21, and this combination is just so musical and delivers so much insight into the music with finesse.

I remember the days when audiophiles said redbook CD didn’t have high enough of a sampling rate. Who knew we just didn’t have the right equipment to see what it could really do.
macdude, the cd's I heard in 1983 were poor transfers from an analogue source. Today with MOFI, Analogue Productions, etc... there is time and care given to making cd's as good as they can be. The art of digital recording, i.e. DSD recording, is also advanced when compared to just twenty years ago. And like you said, the equipment is becoming more technologically advanced. But for me, I personally do not believe that streaming is an optimal choice when it comes to sound quality. Quobuz and Tidal do not offer speciality labels like MOFI and I find that they are well worth purchasing. So I am more interested in a CD transport than a streamer. As ar as I can see, the Lumin U1 mini doesn't have a server for CD storage.
Goofyfoot, I understand the attachment to CDs. 

Streaming Tidal has a different sound than CD playback.

There are more variables to optimizing streaming. Many things we wouldn't initially think of.

Grounding the router with an Entreq box makes a big difference. And I run my router with the Uptone JS-2 LPS with a very good power cord that has noise absorption.

All of these upgrades will significantly improve the performance of streaming from the Lumin.