Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?

Has anyone done this comparison ? How close can the mini get ?
Goofyfoot, I understand the attachment to CDs. 

Streaming Tidal has a different sound than CD playback.

There are more variables to optimizing streaming. Many things we wouldn't initially think of.

Grounding the router with an Entreq box makes a big difference. And I run my router with the Uptone JS-2 LPS with a very good power cord that has noise absorption.

All of these upgrades will significantly improve the performance of streaming from the Lumin.

So the U1 Mini + S Booster finally found a new home, I though I would use it on my secondary rig but after getting used to the U1, there’s no way back to the Mini.

I’ve upgraded the power supply on my the U1 to the X1 power supply and the leap was once again drastic, the noise floor dropped and as a result, the background became darker which in turn made the stage wider and more cavernous, the bass became tighter and dug deeper, very well controlled, refined and life like midrange and treble. One noticeable thing with these improvements is that it feels like I can play the same tracks way louder than before without any hint of fatigue or ear piercing notes whatsoever.
Had the chance to A/B the U1+X1 power supply against the X1 digital section both outputting USB to a Chord M Scaler + Dave (later on a dCS Bartok) and there was no discernible difference.

To all U1 owners, if you want to get to the X1 digital section performance without dropping $13k, I highly recommend the X1 power supply for a “fraction” of the cost ($2.1k).

I wonder if LUMIN is going to provide a standalone DAC based on the X1 DAC...if they do, I’ll be all over that.

I'm using the mini with an Uptone JS-2.

It's grounded with an Olympus minimus.

And I use a Black Cat Tron digital cable.

It's absolutely fabulous. I'm sure the U1 is even better, or maybe a DCS bridge, but the mini in this setup is so good, I don't even care.

For anyone looking to get a mini, pick one up at the current used prices and you can't go wrong.
I agree, the mini is almost unbeatable for the money and a few tweaks/upgrades can go a long way. 
As long as you’re happy, that’s what matters the most - it’s reasonable and fair to not care (and your wallet will be safe).

 I was just sharing another upgrade path for the U1 (not mini) owners to make another leap forward on the performance of that already awesome streamer.

A T2 sounds good but it’s dac is not even close to say a Denafrips terminator, or Holo springs kre May dac ,that can be plugged in 
at a later date ,my friend has the terminator it destroys the inner dac in theT2