Lumin U1 vs Lumin U1 mini + sbooster?

Has anyone done this comparison ? How close can the mini get ?
Mike at Audio Arcon does the Sbooster upgrade and doesnot void the warrant 
You get discount on the Lumin ,not the booster and maybe a $50:charge.
I prefer a Good external dac much much better  . 
Amazing thread. Essentially no references to music. Just many unfounded opinions masquerading as facts.
I tried replacing the fuse on the LPS powering the U1 mini and that has made quite the difference.

I will also try a Farad Super 3 LPS with it.
Has anyone tried the SR orange fuse on the linear power supply for the U1 mini?

I’m kind of in shock how much of a difference this has made.

Way more PRAT, slam, dynamics, transparency.

The orange fuse is warm in the midrange.
It will be interesting if mrcyrpuz and others who compared the U1 to the mini with sbooster, tried upgrading the DC cable on the LPS powering the mini.

I am willing to bet upgrading the DC cable will close the gap significantly between the U1 and the mini.

I have done this for my U1 mini and it is very good.