Lumin U2 or Aurender N200

Looking for thoughts on these two streamers: Lumin U2 and Aurender N200.

I’m fully aware of the limitations and features from UI and Roon integration to design concepts and implementation (power supplies, caching, display, etc.)

Hoping to hear from those who had compared these two streamers. I’m also absolutely not interested in hearing from “it’s all 1s and 0s” crowd - this isn’t that forum and I kindly ask you to please stay out of this discussion.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to you all!!!


FWIW, I use the U2mini in my 12k office system  and the N200 in my 40k large room system. Both are perfect for their application. If they were swapped around it would be a mismatch.

Doodle I had a U1 Mini and it was decent but not on the level of my current system. I wouldn’t expect the U2 Mini to be that much better than the old version. 

I was curious about the U2 vs N200, not the U2 Mini vs N200. That would not be a fair comparison. 


I recently posted a similar topic Lumin, Aurender and Hifi Rose.  Check it out there is some good information in it.  I have since eliminated the Hifi Rose because there seems to be so many problems with the software.  I am looking at the same two units Lumin U2 and the N200.

I like the Usampling to DSD 256 with the Lumin.  Does anyone know if the Aurender has a similar feature?