Lumin U2 or Aurender N200

Looking for thoughts on these two streamers: Lumin U2 and Aurender N200.

I’m fully aware of the limitations and features from UI and Roon integration to design concepts and implementation (power supplies, caching, display, etc.)

Hoping to hear from those who had compared these two streamers. I’m also absolutely not interested in hearing from “it’s all 1s and 0s” crowd - this isn’t that forum and I kindly ask you to please stay out of this discussion.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to you all!!!


Somewhere in this thread Weiss 501, Grimm MU, and Linn are mentioned. Has anyone actually auditioned these in their home and then ended up with Aurender N200? 


Weiss 501 is a dac with a built in network renderer. I wasn’t looking for a DAC upgrade. Also, I wasn’t interested in the twice as expensive as the N200 Grimm MU1. So, no, I didn’t audition these units. 

@audphile1 curious how in general you’d compare Lumin to Aurender.  I’ve had various Lumin products, D2, P1 and I’m now using a U2 mini with an S-Booster.  I’ve had an Auralic G2 streamer only as well.  I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing or hearing a Aurender streamer.  My experience with Lunin has been great, build quality, customer service, app have been great, they seemed to be a level above Auralic, sound quality wise, Lumin seemed to be a bit quieter but if one was choosing between Auralic be Lumin, didn’t seem like it was a one was better than the other, more a personal preference.  I have a system in 40 k range, wondering if the U2 Mini is a bottle neck.  Also wondering on a general front, when you compare Aurender to Lumin, would you put Aurender a level above Lumin, not product specific but their streaming products in general.  

@mm1tt77 I used Auralic Aries G1, Lumin U1 Mini and the built in network renderer in my dac. The Aurender N200, sonically, is in another league. I will make a safe assumption that even with Sbooster the lumin mini won’t reach close to the N200. I also think the U2 is a worthy upgraded over the Mini Sbooster or not.
Aurender design and implementation is top notch. I don’t think anyone can argue this point. But the Lumin U2 is also a great streamer. I would say buy with return policy if possible. Hear it and “feel” it in your system

I will add that the Lumin native app just sucks. Of you use Roon, you’re good. The Aurender as you probably know is not roon ready but the Conductor app is very good overall and presents not much of learning curve. I was up and running in minutes.