Lumin U2 or Aurender N200

Looking for thoughts on these two streamers: Lumin U2 and Aurender N200.

I’m fully aware of the limitations and features from UI and Roon integration to design concepts and implementation (power supplies, caching, display, etc.)

Hoping to hear from those who had compared these two streamers. I’m also absolutely not interested in hearing from “it’s all 1s and 0s” crowd - this isn’t that forum and I kindly ask you to please stay out of this discussion.

Thanks and Happy Holidays to you all!!!


My initial feedback of fiber connection

the overall sound is mostly that of a lower noise floor/blacker background

my issue however is the sfp+ modules. They all sound drastically different

ive tried a few different ones out. No matter what it sounds higher resolving than plain cat 6 Ethernet. Very clear and detailed

however, some modules sound thin. with the finisar im currently listening to all the bass is gone

there is one particular Cisco module that has a nice detail and separation. Very clear but the soundstage is flat

i opened up a new can of worms here! considering switching back to cat 6

Fiber didn’t work for me although it was only to convert to fiber then back to copper before the streamer (doesn’t have fiber in). I heard glassy, artificial sound with reduced bass. Reverted it all back. 

The few times I tried fiber in place of CAT 6 it didn’t work for me.... to lean, and lacking body/tonal density.....there was more "air", and a sense of increased resolution with fiber, however the trade off mentioned above wasn’t worth it.


My fibre and Cisco switch is only 3 weeks old in my system, and I only have 1 set of modules to try :) I know my system right now with fibre into the LPS powered etherREGEN then ethernet into the DAC sounds pretty darn good, many levels better than ethernet direct into the DAC, but I'll remove just the fibre and do cat 6 into the ER and compare. 

Just went back and forth between fibre and cat 7- (its actually a cat 7 cable) both from the Cisco switch into the etherREGEN powered by Plixir BDC. Used Keb Mo - "I was wrong".

Really difficult to hear any difference- I had to go back and forth a dozen times:

Bass pretty much equal, if anything there is a little more bloom with fibre- I don’t find any difference with body- but treble- in this case cymbals/harmonica is a touch more prominent and forward with fibre. Gives the impression it is a little more detailed, more air, but I could see that interpreted as glare.

Doesn’t come across as hardness or glassi-ness though. I’m pretty confident I don’t think I could tell the difference if someone tested me- and this was just one track- more listening required!

edit: if someone was curious optical/transceivers are from AS 

Cisco GLC-SX-MM Compatible 1000BASE-SX SFP 850nm 550m DOM Duplex LC MMF Transceiver Module
2 11774 C$ 9.50 C$ 19.00
15m (49ft) LC UPC to LC UPC Duplex OM3 Multimode PVC (OFNR) 2.0mm Fiber Optic Patch Cable