Lumin U2 vs Aurender N200

I’m looking to upgrade my streamer from a Bluesound Node 2i.  My DAC is the module that comes in the McIntosh MA 8950. 
I curious about others experience with these two streamers.  How they may differ. 
currently I’m using Tidal but would change it SQ could be improved.  I thing the interface with the Node is decent.  
Thanks for any feedback.  

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@vonhelmholtz Great thought on the upgrade path. My thought is @john1629 could avoid a double hit on purchasing both a DAC and a streamer now, and as he improves his system he may want to move up the line on an even better DAC or streamer. Buying a used A200 gives him a significantly improved experience for less money. Allowing more money for other tweaks in the shortrun. The good and bad news is, John has so many choices. So many toys so little time.

I’m open to Innuos.  I’ve considered that Zen Mk3.  Anyone with any experience with this product?  

I'm currently using a Lumin U2 (not mini) + Rockna Wavedream XLR Signature DAC and I'm very, very happy. The Lumin U2 replaced my DIY audioPC for about $3500.