Lumin upgrade


I’m thinking about upgrading my Lumin U2 mini to the new Lumin U2, and would like your feedback.

My current front end is comprised of the Lumin U2 mini, powered by an SBooster LPS. It’s fed Qobuz via Ethernet from an optical cable coming from a Cisco switch, (converted to copper Ethernet just before the mini, using a cheap converter box with a Jameson LPS wall wart and a short Furutech CAT6 cable).

I’m using an Audioquest Coffee USB cable to feed a Benchmark DAC3 HGC, which runs balanced into a Benchmark AHB2 amplifier. The AHB2 draws current from a separate 20A power line, and uses Kimber cable speaker cables to drive a set of ATC SCM40s.

My listening space is about 16’ wide, with a 35’ length, and has basic treatments at first reflection points, on the ceiling above the listening position, as well as corner bass traps. I listen to pop, mid-later century rock, vocal and combo jazz, and some folky stuff too, usually at moderate (70-75 dB) levels.

My question is, will the upgrade to the Lumin U2 provide a substantial improvement to the sound (soundstage, smoothness, depth, etc), and, is my system resolving enough that I’ll be able to hear it? I do have mild tinnitus in my left ear, with commensurate HF loss, but most days my hearing is still quite reliable.

I was considering an Aurender as my next upgrade, but then saw the new U2 (with excellent price/trade-in for my U2 mini from a local dealer), so thus the questions.

Thanks to all in advance for any advice/opinions.



@jimboman No amp hum, but the Isotek syncro uni has always improved the sound when used with my amp. It also improves the performance and listenability of the Lumin. 

It lowers the noise floor and gets rid of the bass muddiness.

@macdude Thanks for the info.  I haven't gotten into Power conditioning yet, but am running my AHB2 solely off a dedicated 20A 3-wire hospital grade setup.  Will keep the Isotek in mind for future upgrades.

Best, JAMES.

@jimboman The Isotek syncro uni is usually used for hum, as you mentioned, but it's a kind of a secret that it always improves the sound.

I think it's a big part why I can listen to my stereo during the day now.

@macdude Regarding listening during the day, do you mean, at low levels, things are cleaner/clearer?