Lumin vs Auralic

I'm finally moving to streaming audio.  I've done a bunch of reading and have narrowed down my search to one of two models:  Lumin T2 (which is finally shipping I hear) or the Auralic Vega G2.  For those that know both brands, and have had a chance to audition or work with their software platforms, which would you recommend?  I prefer the one box I end up sending less on cables/interconnects.   I just plan on using  Any feedback would be appreciated!  
A couple of things 

1. Dave and Troy, did you compare the NAD to the D2?

2. I learned that with the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge, the MQA filters must be turned on and off manually. I’m not certain how that effects sound of non MQA content. The filters do not switch on or off automatically with MQA content. 
I have relevant experience with both brands.  I ended up buying the Aries G2 streamer.  Sonically it’s very good.  So was the Lumin. As far as apps?  Frankly, I found both the Auralic Lighting and Lumin apps to fall well short of Aurender’s conductor app.  (I own an Aurender in another system). As good as Aurender’s conductor app is, it also falls short of Roon which Aurender doesn’t support. 

So, I’ve put Roon in this second system so I don’t have worry about the limitations of the Lightning app. 

I wish I had direct experience on the Vega G2 vs the Lumin to share with you.  But, based on the quality of the Aries G2, I suspect the Vega is quite good.  Lumin is clearly also a very good choice supported by many users here.  That said, I would say the presence of an analog volume control on the Vega G2 would, for me, be preferable.  Good luck.


Myself, I already have a preamp, so the Streamer/Dac would be set to fixed volume or turned up all the way. 
Sorry for the late reply.  I ended up getting the Vega G2.  I think it sounds remarkable!  I've been swapping out power cords, XLR interconnects, and Ethernet cables the last couple months.  I'm currently doing an assessment of the performance of the built in preamp versus my Aesthetix Calypso; my early assessment is that the Auralic's built in preamp/volume control is better sounding than my Calypso.  I'm going to do some tube rolling before I decide to sell my Calypso.....