Lumin X1 dont see many virtual audiogon systems with this?

Why is this?  Lumin X1 looks like an amazing streamer with an exceptional dac.

what am I missing by not seeing it in many systems? Only 3 shown?

I am using the X1 direct to my tube mono block amps. Awesome sounding, the LEEDH volume is excellent. Taking the separate Dac, preamp and all the associated cabling out also helped.

I now have the X1 connected to an 8TB hard drive with all my music on it and stream other music from Qobuz. that is connected to a EtherRegen/After Dark with the fiber cable going to the Lumin.



I use an etherregen, as it facilitates the optical connection.  Beyond that I am not sure what the hell it does.  But I can't figure that out because I'd lose the optical connection ability if I remove it.  Maybe I should go back to coaxial or RCA and avoid optical.  But then wouldn't that introduce lots of noisiness from the outer world.  I really like optical as it probably reduces noise.

I got the X1 because of the dac and its ability to get along with the lumin.  I hate the idea of dealing with all the various separate dacs out there. So many rabbit holes.  And also wanted to avoid all the connectivity challenges and rabbit holes.

It's a fine streamer dac.  There are so many other places worthy of more attention in my system.







Has anyone compared the X1 to the upper Linn DSM units like the Akurate or Klimax?

Just got to say, I don't have any interest in these products, but I am impressed by all of the great information shared in this thread.

I wish more threads were like this one.

Great thread with good information on the Lumin X1. I stumbled on here looking for any comparison in sound quality with the new P1.

It is an old thread but the questions being asked here are current so I wanted to share some of my findings. Regarding Roon sound quality difference, the reasons in my setup came down to the following:

Network path the Roon core follows

Power supplies on the Roon core and path

Roon core/server configuration and quality

Any limitations on the above caused a difference with the sound I heard in comparing to the direct stream of the Lumin App.

So, if you consider the sound of the Lumin App as rerference level (in your network and setup) then there is the potential for your Roon to sound as good at least.

Was I able to get Roon there? Yes. But it was a real PITA. Reason being that each bullet that I mention above as the reason for the limitation is very loaded with multiple situational conditions that each one will have to sort out in their own way. 

Network streaming is no different than analog setup when it comes to attention to detail and clean power, cables, components. Add to that a need for understanding some networking and developing a feel for how it flows in your setup.

All worth it in the end as my X1 setup rivals and even bests my vinyl setup. Eugene81 nailed it with his feedback. There is a tonal flavor from the X1 that is the limitation you will hit only after you have exhausted the other limitations that are removable. But the soundstage, resolution and ease of use is simply outstanding and cannot be easily done without spending a lot more.

Hope this helps.