Lumin X1 latest Review like we have been saying

For many years we have been touting the Lumin products as being one of the best sounding and best implimented paths to creating a fantastic sound in your system.

We sought to be a Lumin dealer after the A1 came out and pretty much got rave reviews as being the best sounding streamer out there, each successive product was better the new T2 is amazing at its price point and challenges $7k streamer/dacs/

The lastest review

sums up Lumins history and even offers a comparison of the X1 vs the Total Dac, and DCS and the Aqua Formula, we actually have tested the upgraded Formula V2 with the Statement and it does sound even bettter.
Summation the best sound the reviewer ever accheived was with the X1.

We sell some of the worlds best dacs, including T+A, Light Harmonic, Aqua Hif, Naim, Mytek, Bricasti, and with the X1 you have to spend $30-50k to better the X1, it is nice to see that other people are agreeing with exactly what we have been saying all along.

If you are looking for the best sound for the money, rock solid reliability, a fantastic feature set, Tidal, Qbouz, Spotify, Apple Airplay to play Youtube or Soundcloud, OTA upgrades, Roon endpoint, full Mqua, DSD and High data rate upsampling, upconversion and playability, solid build quality, built in volume control, the Lumin products are hard to beat.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Lumin dealers
@grahamsphillips Your 20 year old Bryston will sound a little more bright than the latest cubed series from Bryston.

@rossb Thanks for the post. I was wondering how the Chord stacks up against the Lumin. That Fiber optic input is enticing.

I want to do a comparison of the Denafrips Terminator and the Lumin X1.
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How is that a review? There weren’t even any comparisons. The only thing I took away from it was that it sounded good. Seemed more like a paid ad?
Good evening gents, hello Liamowen, and gohelz.

It is funny that our little group of haters doesnt utter a peep when another dealer makes the same kind of post note this is on Dec 7

Rhbesterno, you don't read so good, we have in previous posts recommend products we don't sell, we did point out that one of our favorite rooms at Axpona and CAP were using Wilson speakers, we have also recommend Rockport.

We have also recommend Focals and have said that the Grande Utopia EVO at Axpona was one of the best sounding rooms, guess what we are not a Focal Utopia dealer either. 

In a preamp post

we recommended CJ we are not currently CJ dealers but did previously sell the brand, we also said that the Vac preamps were excellent as well as Backert,

We don't sell CJ, we don't sell Vac, we don't sell Backert.

Here is the quote:

You can look at a Conrad Johnson preamp or a Vac, or possibly a Zesto or dozens of other preamplifiers, we heard the Backert Labs preamps and they were also stunning.

As per the review it does kind of look like an ad with the exception is that everyone who has head an X1 has been blown away by its performance it is quite close to the best digital front end for 1/2 to 1/3 thre price and hence the reviewer said the Lumin X1 was the best source he has ever heard. 

Hifi Plus:

t puts it in direct competition with products that cost several times as much and take up a lot of shelf space in the process.


It is without doubt the streamer that in my system has developed the most structured sound stage.

Computer Audiophile:

It has air, detail, liquidity, slam, and the appropriate amount of analog vibe that makes the Lumin X1 something to behold. The X1 is a true accomplishment for the Lumin team and a must-hear for eager audiophiles worldwide.

Major is you recently bought a DCS the Bartok is excellent the Lumin X1 is a warmer sonic signature but if we had a DCS Bartok it is very unlikely we would want to switch either.  

The DCS products are excellent the tonality is different, so are the MSB dacs. It really comes down to what creates synergy in your system.

We do we post this is for the very reason that many people here discuss DCS or MSB or Esoteric without thinking that Lumin is in this level of sound quality with the X1 which is a huge step up from anything they have ever built before.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Lumin dealers

I won't be buying a streamer + dac combo any time soon. Prefer separates.
Talking about streaming, i thought that my aurender N10 was cutting edge but this segment of market moves even faster than Dacs. From reading on forums, seems best streamer hands down atm is SGM extreme, then very closely is pink faun 2.16x.  Saw some people claim that the latest aurender W20SE can't touch those. Dont know what to believe on forums anymore))
Well, as a personal experience,  a friend recently bought a hand built streamer from some guy who is building them out of passion (couple of such builders out there experimenting out there with various power supplies, CPUs, motherboards, network cards, USB cards etc), and it did sound much better than my "industry standard" N10!! What do we know...
USB is getting a whole lot better as well vs spdif/fancy clock high end streamer approach.
Well the N10 is still "fine", and i decided I'm holding on any streamer upgrade for a year or two. Lets see where this direction is moving and if the typical contenders will up their game!