Lush and Romantic Tube Amps

Hi All -

I am on a quest for a lush, warm and romantic tube amp. Ideally, it should be 75 watts and upwards. I’m in a large room and my speakers are 87.5 sensitivity and 8 ohm. The room is large. 

The system:

LTA preamp 

Innuous Zenith music server 

Merason Dac 1 

Cardas Clear cables 


Suggestions are welcomed. 


OP and @facten

I’ve heard the Leben extensively with 86dB Harbeths and it’s a great match.


If you type Carver into the search bar of the Virtual System area you will find many members with systems posted using his designs you can contact via DM. You can also see many of the professional reviews that are linked to on the Carver website.



Bluethinker--yes, I would be a little concerned about an older CJ amplifier.  I'd probably send the unit to CJ if I got it used to have them check it out,

Another possibility is VAC.  You might like their older amps like the Renaissance 70/70.  VAC is very good about supporting their older amps, if you get one used.

Space-tech. Have one custom-made just for you. Amazingly affordable and amazingly rich warm sound

Cary SLI-80 Signature. It doesn’t get much more lush than that, if that’s yer thing….


As for VAC, the only one I’ve heard was the PA 100/100. It was about as far from tubey as you could get. I’ve owned many SS amps that sounded more like a tube amp than that one.