Luxman 507uxII being sensible to mains pertubations when turning a LED lamp OFF


I get a "pop" in my speakers when I turn OFF a specific LED lamp in my listenning room.

I did not have this with my former Yamaha A-S2000 everything being same out of the amplifier.

When the volume is high, the "pop" can be very strong

It is clear that this enters in the amp though the mains as I disconnected all other cables

Had such experience ?

Would devices like AudioQuest PowerQuest mains conditionner help fixe this ?





Nope. It is the wall wart for the LED lamp.  I had the same problem with an LED lamp I bought from IKEA.  

If it has a wall wart, consider getting a different one?

I run my Luxman 507ux from a Furman Elite and I've never ever heard any noise out of it.

Tks. But wathever the origine of the perturbation, I am surprised that it ends in the speakers considering the size of the amp internal power supply, caps, etc .

I though that the amp power supply should be a massive filter for every mains variation, aiming at making the most clean internal voltages.