Luxman 590AX II Break-In

Hello all, and happy holidays,

To those with experience, how many hours of a break-in are necessary to make the Luxman sing? I have about 175 hours, and my bass is less than stellar. Also, there is not a luscious midrange (yet). I have read epic reviews but have not experienced that thus far. What should I expect over time? Getting a little worried!




Interestingly, about a year ago, I listened to a pair of LS 50 Metas powered by a PrimaLuna tube integrated. The room was smaller than mine; however, the bass output of the little KEFs was "jaw-dropping." I do believe my room may be causing some problems, also!

On a side note, I did a comparison between the Gryphon Diablo 300 and the Essence stereo. I had big expectations for the Essence since it is solid Class A with a tremendous amount of capacitance. It outperformed the Diablo in the midrange and top end, but the Diablo smoked the Essence in bass response. Because I particularly enjoy bass, I found the Diablo to be a more enjoyable and fun amp to listen to. 

It was a lesson to me along my audiophile journey that sometimes there is no replacement for power. Similar to an automotive guy saying, "there is no replacement for displacement."

From a number of comments it is starting to sound like a speaker / amp mismatch.

The only other input I can add is I spent a couple hours with a Luxman M10-x and a set of Magico (A3 I think) and I have to say, it struck me like the OP’s comments on his amp. There was no warmth or naturalness to the sound.  

It’s quite possible that the speaker / room/ listening position is manifesting a bass null; I’ve battled this exact symptom for years. If your listening position is near the center of the room this is most likely the culprit.


Perhaps SS Luxman Class A is not their thing.  I've only run Sugden Class A and it was a bit bass shy, but not what you describe, the midrange was in order.  As mentioned before, my Luxman 509X is a beast, but then 120wpc Class A/B.

It drives ATC SCM20PSL monitors which regularly torture amps.  They play well together.  Hope you figure this out to complete satisfaction.

@jeffreyw I was reading a post of yours when I was researching the Luxman M10X amp. I am looking for an amp for the KEF Blade 2 Meta and was thinking of the Rotel Michi M8 mono. It was suggested to me to check out the M10X over the Michi by a former Michi owner. I know the Luxman m900u and did not think it had enough to properly drive the Blades. Though the new M10X is supposed to address that.

The post of yours that piqued my interest was your comment about your dealer preferring the Rotel Michi to the Luxman gear and that that dealer sold both lines. Have you heard the Michi line?

When I auditioned the Luxman gear for a potential KEF Reference 1, I was considering the 509x integrated but the m900u was so much better.

The other amps I am considering for the KEF Blade are the CODA #16, KRELL KSA i400, Luxman M10X, and the Rotel Michi M8 monos.

The KRELL XD lineup is maybe something for you to checkout if the Luxman does not work out. The KRELL Dou 175XD (sold) was great with my KEF LS50, though I suggest the KRELL Duo 300XD for the Reference 1 Meta.

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