Luxman 590AX II Break-In

Hello all, and happy holidays,

To those with experience, how many hours of a break-in are necessary to make the Luxman sing? I have about 175 hours, and my bass is less than stellar. Also, there is not a luscious midrange (yet). I have read epic reviews but have not experienced that thus far. What should I expect over time? Getting a little worried!




Thanks! One thing that I am perplexed over is the fact that all reviews of the Ref 1 Metas are stellar, and the bass is lauded, especially for a stand-mount. The good news is that I will visit a dealer this week to listen to higher-power amps on their Ref 1's. Unfortunately, as many have stated, I think I have a major synergy problem between the Luxman/KEF combo. 

I greatly appreciate the knowledge gained from this OP from the membership! This is a great community!

BTW, the speakers have to stay, the wife is in love with the looks, and that is non-negotiable. Keeping her happy allows me more flexibility with purchases. 😉

When you go listen elsewhere, pay attention to the room acoustics and compare to your own. If the speakers are not malfunctioning, I'm convinced the issue is excess reflections in your space.


I highly doubt this issue is amplifier/ speaker synergy. It sounds like you want to get serious about solving it, so why not at least rule out room bass mode/null by performing a frequency sweep at your listening position with the gear you have?

free software and pretty easy to do - just need a good calibrated mic. This can save you years on the merry go round. But if your heart is set on swapping gear out ,have at it.



Does your wife like the way the system sounds now?    Does she love music? Does she listen critically? I'm asking with utmost respect.

My wife has phenomenal hearing but she never sits down in front of our hifi system to listen critically or casually for enjoyment.  Our home has an open floor plan and music is in the background for her. I play almost every genre except metal, rap, and pounding electronica- mostly classical, both light and heavy, jazz, folk, other acoustic, world, etc.

She danced professionally for many years and has heard a lot of live music.  I will often solicit her opinion when I change something, whether it be amplification or even cables.  My wife doesn't care about the usual audiophile stuff- "sound stage, imaging, second or whatever order  harmonics," and so on and so forth, but she is very aware of the overall SOUND of the music. Is it warm, is it smooth or is it harsh and strident-is it pleasing to the ear- does it sound somewhat "real"- is it non-fatiguing?  All relative and subjective, I know, but for me her comments are valid and useful.

I took a look at your Kefs and agree that they are quite attractive, but these days there are a lot of other speakers with great visual appeal. 

Anyway, I'm following this thread and will be interested in learning how you resolve the issue.

When I was choosing a new integrated, I finally resolved my choice down to the L-590AXII or L-509X. I chose to go with the L-509X, but am sure I would have been happy with the 590A. 

Anyhow, I noted the speakers reviewed with the amps, and the WhatHiFi L-509X reviewer used the ATC SCM 50 and the KEF Reference 1. There was no mention of the issue you are having.

This Audiodrom review compared both amps and only noted some slight difference between them.

Advice given previously about your room, may be the most correct, and I fear you could start riding a roller coaster if you change amps. Have you considered a subwoofer? The KEF Ref 1’s are great speakers but can’t be expected to deliver great bass without significant help from the room. 

Good luck!