Luxman 590AX II Break-In

Hello all, and happy holidays,

To those with experience, how many hours of a break-in are necessary to make the Luxman sing? I have about 175 hours, and my bass is less than stellar. Also, there is not a luscious midrange (yet). I have read epic reviews but have not experienced that thus far. What should I expect over time? Getting a little worried!



Does anyone know if a 220v can covert to 120v on a L-590axii? I’m about to pick one up from asia. Pls help

I don’t think the Luxman 590ax is powerful enough to drive those speakers. I know. I have the amp and I’ve tried to drive similar harder to drive speakers. 







Blue thinker: not sure if you’ve referring to the Harbeth’s or the Kef’s but the Luxman has no problem with my Harbeth’s. My room size is 15’x 30’ as well. 
My previous amp was a 200 watt McIntosh that certainly had more slam but volume wise there isn’t that much of a difference. They say the Luxman switches to A/B and puts out up to 80-90 watts, based on my experience I believe it, this isn’t delivering only 20-30% of what my McIntosh did. I think Kef specs are off.