Luxman C-1000F vs. Sim Audio Evolution 850P

Sim Audio just came out with their new flagship Preamp, the Evolution 850P. A 72 lb. two piece beast that boasts a S/N of 130db's(whew!) Has anyone compared the flagship Luxman C-1000f Preamp to the Sim Audio? Is the Luxman better as well as the price costing $ 8K more than the Sim and is the Luxman worth the extra cost? The Sim sells for $ 25K and the Luxman sells for $ 33K.
If the Luxman has Nasa grade parts, then I'm sure it's worth 8 grand more, right?
I can't comment on the luxman, but I was one of the first to get the Sim Evo 850P and it's awesome. Paired it with the sim evo W-8 amp and just ordered new Sony AR1 speakers.