Luxman d-08u vs berkeley reference 2 dac

Anyone have any experience with the luxman d-08u or berkeley reference dac 2 for cd or digital playback? If you were to choose one, which would you buy and why. Thanks for any insight!
Aerialacoustics:                                                  That as my biggest bitch with the lLuxman. the output is quite low.  I run all balanced and the single ended and balanced are both the same voltage    outputting in the lower 2's.  Luckily my preamp has switchable gain
My local dealer just got in the Luxman D-03X CD. The DAC has full MQA. Typical Luxman build quality. It looks like a $5-$6,000 player. Price $3295. Not hooked up yet but I'll stopping by soon to give it a listen. Luxman has been on a roll the last few years w/a lot of high quality electronics. I have the CL-38U-SE tube preamp and the PDA-171A TT. Very satisfied w/both.
luxmancl38, Wow, $3295 is less than I was expecting. Any word on the price of the new D-10X?   
In looking at specs on website, it appears the D-03X CD does not use the LuXman original Disc Transport Mechanism.  I have read many times this transport mechanism is highly praised but also expensive.  It will be interesting to find out what specifically is being used now on this one and D-10X.