Luxman D03X vs D10X


I have been seriously contemplating moving from Luxman D03X to Luxman D10X.. But before I do such a thing, I'd like to do thorough research and any help or advice from someone who have owned these or not, would be great. Here are some spec details. The D03X uses Texas Instruments PCM1795 DA chips with SNR of 123db and a sample max rate of 200Khz resolution of 32bits. The D10X employs ROHMs BD34301EKV DA chips with SNR of 130db and a sample maxx rate of 768Khz and resolution of 32bits. How much of audible difference would these make? also the D10X support SACD decoding.. thanks in advance..


Check out Steve Guttenberg's review of the Luxman D10X. He said it was the best unit he had ever heard with the best DAC extant. 

Whether this the gospel truth or not I cannot say. But, Luxman are my favorite CD\SACD players today.


I‘m also looking for a new DAC for my Luxman 590axii and my Harbeth 7ES3XD. Wanted to go with the D-03x but will go without CD now. Narrowed my choices down to

Denafrips Pontus II

Boarder Patrol SEi

Audiomirror Toubadour III

Which one would you choose?


I have the D10x as well. It’s a very good DAC but It’s USB input is not very good. It is a DAC that really benefits from a reclocker or upscaller. Feeding that DAC directly through USB input does not do it justice in my opinion. While the coaxial sounds better, you cannot stream more than 192kHz sample rate and DSD is not supported. Other than weak USB implementation, D10x sounds as good as some $20K DACs I have heard.

@arize84 thank you for your input.. This feedback really helps. I'd be using the USB input a bunch.. So that's good to know this might not be the right upgrade path. I am still waiting on the C900U to be shipped in June..