Luxman DA-06 DAC vs Chord Qutest/Hugo 2

I'm hoping to hear your impressions comparing the Luxman DA-06 DAC with the Chord Qutest/Hugo 2. Thanks in advance.
Luxman is revamping it's product line look around the the DA06 can be found for half price
I must say I disagree with this assessment in DAC performance...Chord v. Luxman.  I own both, through my ears the Chord Hugo2 is hands down a superior DAC.  The main advantage is soundstage width and depth and 2 channel separation.  The Luxman used to be on my main longer. I can go into greater detail; however, if you play them side by side I would not have to....
@shannere , you wrote this 2 years ago, and the DA-06 has been discontinued. Have you heard any rumours about any heir to it?