Luxman integrated for Harbeth Compact 7's

I’m looking to move on from a Croft phono integrated, which quite honestly, is quite nice with the 7’s. But as it goes in this hobby, we tend to enjoy playing with gear. In searching the forums here and elsewhere, it seems this combination has made some quite happy. My price range is $5000-$6000K US, so it’s the Class A 550 unit which I have my eye on. Looking for some thoughts on this. The Croft is so darned good, I may hold on to it. Especially considering it would only bring in $1000 or so. Thanks for your thoughts.

When I bought Harbeth SHL5+, I had the Cronus Magnum II and tried it with the speakers. It was a very good combination. I then bought a Luxman 590AXII, now we're talking. It really opened up the SHL5+ and had a sweet, inviting, revealing, and very open sound. It showed me all the nuances in the music, something the CM2 was not able to do quite as well. I found it to be better in the dynamics and bass areas as well. Overall, it was much more refined than the CM2. Of course, it's quite possible that CM3 is a huge improvement over CM2, so please take my impressions with a pinch of salt.

I later bought the Audio Hungary Qualiton a50i. Compared it to the Luxman and decided that for my taste the Qualiton was a clear winner. It has all the attributes of the Luxman but adds the holographic, 'big and juicy' sound that only tubes can provide. It also does not lose anything in terms of clarity and resolution. Yes, it doesn't have quite the same bass slam and dynamics as the Luxman, but what it provides in exchange was enough for me to sell the Luxman.

My experience with the Luxman 550 AX/II and C7 es3 was not a bad one. I have nothing negative to say, other than for me it was nothing special. I’m also a tube guy who almost always prefers tubes in amplification and phono. My guess is everyone is right. The Luxman’s are excellent solid state amps but perhaps the laid back (non XD) C7’s wanted a little something the Luxman didn’t have....for me anyway. Perhaps I should have gone with the Lux class A/B option. So this is all about Synergy X 5, Mingus X 5...! arafiq, very impressive looking, and I’m sure sounding amp. It’s refreshing to hear the a50i has the grunt to push the Harbeth’s. I still feel like an outlier because I want to pair my 7’s with tubes. I would certainly be in the minority on HUG.

Hi guys, in the end I‘ve ordered one of the last available 590axII for a very good prive. What a wonderful amp it is with my C7XD!

Next up is a new DAC. Thinking about the Bryston BDA 3 or Goldnote DS10. Any other suggestions?

Very nice. Congrats on the purchase. That is supposed to be one heck of an amp. Have you considered Denafrips or Holo? 

@mbabst I had a Luxman DA-06 DAC several years ago... very nice sounding, double free DAC. Recommended.