Luxman Integrated - What do they sound like

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I'm considering getting myself a late 2018 Christma present or early 2019 birthday present.

Modern Luxman reviews are really hard to come by, and are generally just superlative without being very qualitative. I mean, it's all "rah rah rah!! " and no actual details.
For anyone who has listened to them lately, can you tell me what they actually sound like in comparison to other nice amps I might have heard?

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I owned a 505ux and it matched beautifully with my Harbeth SHL5s. I would describe the combination as warm and organic. I tried other amps with the Harbeths including Bryston (very good), Ayre (not a good match) and demoed a Prima Luna integrated (good but not better). The 505ux drives medium to high efficiency speakers very well and has a great esthetic and, wait for it, a loudness button. I like that. 
The only things that 505UX does not have are a mono button and a coffee-maker. Everything else is there. 507UX adds a mono button, I think.

Good topic to check. I bought Luxman L 509x couple of weeks ago. Blown away. So good. Bass is amazing. I sold my speakers to get a something better to match with Luxman now.
Surely you’re not going to make a $6-10k purchase based on what others on the internet "hear" out of their Luxmans compared to other amps...

Surely you aren't saying it is wrong to ask.
My amp is a Luxman L-550AXII, but sadly I’m unsure how to explain the differences between it and the many other amps I’ve owned. Fortunately there’s no shortage of reviews to be had by googling, all of which are pretty much raves.

Suffice it to say that it’s the best amp I’ve owned, including gear that cost between two and 3 times as much. Being a Class A device with only 20W (in Class A; it does of course transition into Class A/B when pushed hard) speaker matching is something to keep in mind and you wouldn’t want to pair it with, say, 83dB/4Ohm speakers.