Luxman Integrated?

I recently listened to a Luxman integrated and was quite impressed with the liquidity of the sound of the amp.  Does anyone else have experience with these amps?   I currently have all separates and a tube amp but thinking of scaling down a bit.
I just bought a Luxman DA-08 and am blown away by it's superb build quality and cd/sacd sound. I just bought a SME turntable and when I listen to my Luxman, I do not miss vinyl at all. Luxman gear to me is very special.
I have been using two Lux CL-32 pre-amps since the 1970's.  One just failed and I am going to pay to get it fixed.  NOT the best pre-amp in the world, but seems to be OK for my casual listening.  AND, they have lasted over 40 years each until now, so...