Luxman Knockoffs or Counterfeits?

Living in the US, it has been very difficult finding a Luxman on the used market. I see lots of models on ebay selling from Japan. The listings look suspicious to me - different sellers with the exact same photo of the product; sometimes the same photo with one seller naming a different model number than another seller, but using the same photo.    

I found one Japanese ebay seller who seems to be legit, Monotokyo, based on seller reviews, but I am hesitant to rely on ebay seller reviews.  

Does anyone have information about Luxman knockoffs or counterfeits? 


Buyer beware, I thought I found a deal on a pair of speakers from Japan. Did my due diligence. In the end it it turned out to be a scam. The sellers know this, send me your money and they are gone. Especially on a larger ticket item. Us laws don’t apply!!! Not to mention shipping costs, damage issues, etc. if you really want it , buy it. Don’t complain if you got taken. I wouldn’t do it. 

We all should be careful with stuff common in other countries but in US not only if we buying from abroad. I remember the story of one guy who bought 30K Burmester amp with appears to be switched EU market 220V OEM transformer to non OEM chip US voltage transformer and he bought it from legit reputable dealer. 

Here’s an audio forum reference to a past LUXMAN cd tube website warning for counterfeit for cd tube fakes .

Looks like L UXMAN were not ( are not?) immune from cheap ad fakes on eBay and the like. Admittedly I don’t have the time to crawl through the current discussions for the current state. The “fakes” are likely “B” and “C” grade refurbs and repairs on faulty returns, rather the classic illegal counterfeit POS build cable fakes made in China. 

So …does this validate the OP’s assessment of higher risk when buying from anybody that than a bona fide and reputable audio dealer, or at least from a healthy prior positive feedback private seller fully registered with a robust history on AGON, USAUDIOMART, CAM etc.?

me … I wouldn’t buy it on eBay and it’s all too many dodgy listings. Instead …. Buy NA dealers or registered audio forum members as a cheap cost of insurance IMO.



I have purchased audio equipment (SME tonearm, turntable parts) from Japan via Ebay. No problem and great result. I always look at the Ebay ratings of the supplier and find this to be a very good indicator in terms of the number of raters and the percentage of positives

KCC Scientific is a US company that makes voltage and frequency converters for audio equipment. Great products. I use their Athena converter to run my Garrard 401 at 50Hz so the strobe works. Dead quiet! Check out their website: