Luxman M900u stereo vs Mono setup

Have been giving serious thought to buying another M900u and running a pr in Mono. Would like to hear some feedback from actual people who have heard these amps run in mono. 
Thanks Mike
Check in on whitecamaross’s thread. He has owned at one time both of these components and actually addresses the mono vs stereo configuration advantages.
Wouldn't the decision be based on the size of room, speaker sensitivity, and how loud you play. I demoed the m900u with TAD ME1 and I see no reason to go mono blocks with those speakers.
I'd be interested to hear someone's comparison, too.  I run TAD CR-1's, and recently acquired an M900u to try with them in place of the PS Audio BHK 300 mono's that I have been using.  The stereo Luxman amp is bringing some clear virtues in the mids and highs in terms of revealing musical and harmonic information, and that is appealing; but I find that I am not as happy with its low-mid bass, where it seems less distinct, almost feeling a bit vague.  This surprises me, given the 700+ damping factor that the Luxman boasts - - I would have expected greater control and definition, and I am hearing the opposite.
Yes, the stereo Luxman seem able to play loud enough in my 22.5' x 15' x 8' room.  But the bass quality in the match to my speakers could be better, I'm feeling.

So, if going to mono blocks would improve this bass issue, then I would have to consider if I can go that far in budget!  I hope someone has direct experience that can speak to this aspect.
You can ask the OP (as noted by spinaker above) of the MY LONG LIST OF AMPLIFIERS thread. Im sure he will be happy to provide you a detailed account of his Luxman m900 Monoblocks.  They are his favorite "affordable" amp to date...and that's saying something
Hello, I own a Luxman M900u as well. I would not go running off and buying another 900u. I would consider the other gear you have connected to the amp. When inserted my 990u the mid bass and bass got better. The speed and leading edges were nicer. More real. There are so many other things that affect your mid bass and bass that my have nothing to to with the amp. I feel that the source is the most important and the amp will more than likely show the good or the bad of that signal. Given a great signal, the Luxman M900u should give you what you are looking for. But for the great signal to get to the final destination, the amp... the signal goes through a lot of other gear and cables...... so..????But if you are still wanting another Luxman M900u ? I'm considering selling I have much more gear to play with....