Luxman M900u stereo vs Mono setup

Have been giving serious thought to buying another M900u and running a pr in Mono. Would like to hear some feedback from actual people who have heard these amps run in mono. 
Thanks Mike
Room treatment, especially bass traps can make compact monitors sound a lot bigger and tighter.

I'm a big Luxman fan by the way, for much of the reasons described above, but if you haven't looked into the room, or if you inadvertently moved your speakers between amps, that may be the cause.  According to the Stereophile measurements, those speakers are 4 Ohm minimum through the mid-bass, shouldn't be any problem at all.
I certainly agree that a 4 ohm load shouldn't cause a difficulty for the Luxman amp, in theory, and that is part of the puzzle.  I have not moved speakers even a mm, just subbed in the Luxman for the BHK mono amps and I hear this difference in bass.  My room is extensively treated, including bass traps.  I use high quality cabling throughout, cables that have made every other component they've been hooked up to sound excellent.  But it just might be that this needs some sorting to get the best of the Luxman. 

I will try some speaker placement work to see if there is a new "best spot" given the change.  It would be delightful if that ameliorated the issue, because the rest of the spectrum has a lot of plusses.  I sure wasn't expecting a bass quality issue....
Audiodrom gave the m900u/c900u high praise with a score of 87%.

However, they did have this critique:

Notwithstanding all that was said the Luxman combo will most likely not appeal to anyone whose music collection favours rock’n roll. The electric guitar in Sheer Heart Attack (Queen, News of The World) is precise and full through the M-900u and the C-900u, yet it lacks ultimate bite and electrifying presence I heard through the Van Medevoort, for example. I suspect it is a kind of tax for class A as the tonal purity and textural resolution brings (almost) always along the slightest touch of transient roundness. If you like your music hard and aggressive, look elsewhere. 
Hmmm....   I would not fault the Luxman for transient impact and precision, IME.  They seem to bring out all of the startle from my beryllium mid/tweets.  That's part of their attraction, I find.
True the need to run the M900u in mono would be unnecessary if it solely based on a speaker that was easy to drive. I’ve heard the M900u in mono is vastly superior to one in stereo, sonically speaking.