Luxman PD 151 mk 1 or Feickert Volare

Price range is $3500-$4500, new or used. I'm considering a (likely used) Luxman pd 151 MARK 1 w/ the standard Jelco (250?) Arm or the Feickert Volare w/std Origin silver arm. If there was a dark horse 3rd option, it's a Kuzma (Pipe Bomb) Stabi S with a Jelco 250 or the like. I think all of the tables are very competent platforms so I think the Tonearm may be the deciding factor. I could see myself going with a Kuzma gimballed arm down the road, so future flexibility is important. As far as arm adjustments, the Jelco would have the edge because I could change the head shell out to another brand that would allow Azimuth adjustment. Beyond that the OL Silver and Jelco both allow VTA and anti-skate....This is a 2nd table for a second system...I want things to be simple and user friendly...sort of like how Technics users describe their experience of owning the 1500 or 1200G/GR. 


Add Hana MH to your list of cartridges to consider if you are looking for high output. 

I was at my Audio Video Therapy this past Friday for their spring audio show Luxman was in attendance with the new 191A. Very impressive. I have a 171A and apparently in about 6 months you will be able to buy the new tonearm for the 171. The new arm is 10" in length. Could be a nice upgrade if you're a 171 owner.

You will need a new tonearm basis aswell. Do we know how good this new tonearm is?