Luxman’s new D-03X CD player/DAC

Anyone care to comment about your hands-on or ears-on experience with the Luxman D-03X?  Comparisons to other DAC’s you’ve heard?



I am looking forward in your receiving the D-03x.


Happy Listening!



Got the D-03X unboxed last night. Arrived undamaged, thankfully!

Double-boxed, plenty of cushioning, nice packaging.

Remote control is a disappointment due to the cover for the battery doesn't fit the remote snugly and falls off. My wife laughed and said I should tape it, wink wink.

Fit n finish is first class. The drawer opening and closing is completely silent! I have never owned a CD player that felt, operated and looked so luxurious. It is an absolute pleasure to operate.

I connected it with balanced XLR cables to the Topping Pre90.

I also left the Oppo 103 connected with RCA cables.

No warm-up for the Lux. The Oppo is ready for battle, it's never turned off. 

Decided on some Dire Straits. Know the album well.

We both know how to listen. Focused with eyes closed, seated in the sweet spot.

Fully warm Oppo is up first. Since I rate the Dire Straits album class A for sound quality I mention how good it sounds from the Oppo.

Stone cold Luxman is up next. I'd like to say it blows the Oppo out of the running, but it doesn't. It's a little better. I play around with the "Invert Phase" button. On this album, we both prefer the Invert phase button engaged. It's a subtle difference, but the soundstage seems more 3D that way.

Clarity is a little better from the Lux. Timbres are better too.

That was last night. Left it on auto repeat all night.

First (very brief) listen this morning the Lux is starting to strut its stuff with better everything.

Will post more as the Lux gets more broken in...



Good to read the D-03x arrived safe and sound. Enjoy the Music.


Happy Listening!