Luxman tables

Anybody have experience with Luxman tables from the 70s/80s like the PD 272/277? I am trying to identify decent tables with full automatic operation.

I have a PD-DD284 auto lift. Sweet turntable but for the cheap&cheerful base. I am planning on building a 3 arm skeleton base and seperating the power source. My inspiration is the home made job by Bushman on the Analog Dept website.

All in all good units and easily upgradeable for far less than the price of a Micro Sekei!
I have owned a Luxman PD555 vacuum hold down with capability for two tonearms and as far as I know it was the top of the Luxman line at the time. It is about the same size as a VPI TNT JR. The unit looks and sounds great but is is manual. There is a strobe and speed adjustments. If you are interested I may be willing to sell.
which arm is best suited for pd-300? I'm using a grace 707 which I feel is not very suitable.I'm planning to use denon 103r cartridge.Thank you1
I bought a new PD 277 in 1981, and still have it. The automatic function broke after about 10 years, but it sounded so good, I continued to use it as a manual until I just replaced it about 6 months ago.
jordan721 how much u want to sell luxman PD555 ? can u send photo to . any scratches?