Luxman vs. Accuphase

I am considering purchasing a Luxman or Accuphase Solid State Integrated amp. Does anyone have experiences with both solid state integrateds? Basic differences sonically? Thanks!

i compared at my local dealer the Luxman 590AII, top of the range Class A, with the lower range Accuphase E250, not class A.

No contest, the Accuphase won hands down. The Luxman sounded sterile, dead. All the emotion of the music was in the Accuphase.

Was very disappointed because Luxman looked great on paper.
From what i know both brands have their own advantages. Demoed the Luxman l-509u and i liked it. Nice instrument separation and dynamics.
I am very surprised by your experience. Both the Luxman and accuphase all well known for delivering the goods when it come to musicality and emotion in music. I am sure there will be many Luxman owners who will come to its defense.

Maybe the setup was not in favor of the Luxman for some reason? Thoughts? Associated equipment.
I get fine results with my Luxman 507U. Kind of a Goldilocks sound, not too boomy or bright or etched, lots of character, sweet palpable rounded vocals, nice all-there highs that are not painful. Almost on the level of the Pass X350 power amp I once owned, and bass is better defined on the Luxman. The Pass had a bit more roundness to vocals and depth. Using a good tube preamp with the Luxman as a power amp really makes things shine.