Luxman vs. Accuphase

I am considering purchasing a Luxman or Accuphase Solid State Integrated amp. Does anyone have experiences with both solid state integrateds? Basic differences sonically? Thanks!
From what i know both brands have their own advantages. Demoed the Luxman l-509u and i liked it. Nice instrument separation and dynamics.
I am very surprised by your experience. Both the Luxman and accuphase all well known for delivering the goods when it come to musicality and emotion in music. I am sure there will be many Luxman owners who will come to its defense.

Maybe the setup was not in favor of the Luxman for some reason? Thoughts? Associated equipment.
I get fine results with my Luxman 507U. Kind of a Goldilocks sound, not too boomy or bright or etched, lots of character, sweet palpable rounded vocals, nice all-there highs that are not painful. Almost on the level of the Pass X350 power amp I once owned, and bass is better defined on the Luxman. The Pass had a bit more roundness to vocals and depth. Using a good tube preamp with the Luxman as a power amp really makes things shine.
I ended up buying the Accuphase E-450 (now driving Magico V3's), and couldn't be happier with it. As I was winding my way through the decision process, I heard Luxman's 590, but not in a good setup. One of my reasons for deciding for the Accuphase was simply the dealer response and availability for audition (2 years ago, SF Bay Area). I have since listened to Luxman's 505 on SF monitors, and was also very impressed. I think both have potential, but I can personally only recommend the Accuphase, extremely detailed and balanced, without ever sounding harsh. I am less fond of the substantial heat generated by any of the class A versions, but of the AB designs, the Accuphase is outstanding. I know that I wouldn't ever need all the power the E450 can deliver, so could easily see that the smaller models might well be up for the task as well.