Luxman vs. Accuphase

I am considering purchasing a Luxman or Accuphase Solid State Integrated amp. Does anyone have experiences with both solid state integrateds? Basic differences sonically? Thanks!
Hi Hgeifman,

I am glad to hear (though a bit surprised) that the Luxman was that much
better than your Ayre (maybe I have listen to a different Ayre integrated).

In the Netherlands the L-550AX is 5800 euros while the L-590AX is 9350
euros. They certainly ain't cheap, the prices being comparable with Accuphase
prices. Unfortunately, that is about the only thing I can say about these two
amps as I have never listened at length any Luxman. When I bought my
Accuphase combo the dealer told me not to bother with Luxman. I have no
idea why he said that as he carries both brands. Probably, he makes more
money when selling Accuphase units. :)

It is hard to say whether or not it is worth while make an effort and buying the
L-590 AX. If, usually, you keep your electronics for 4-5 years or more it is
definitively worth it. Otherwise, probably not. Try to compare the two.

Regarding the wattage, I can tell you that the 30 class A watts (into 8 ohms) of
my Accuphase can go a very long way. However, if you listen to large
orchestras or big bands, i.e. music with large dynamic variation, than 20-30
class A watts will most often not be enough unless you use horns. In the
dealer's room, the power indicators of my E-550 went into the red zone a few
times for a fraction of a second, but this never happens at home.

As mentioned before, don't hurry and do not pay full retail price for the
Luxman. If you bought the Ayre form the dealer that sells the Luxman, he
should offer you 20% discount for the L-550AX and even more, say, 25% for
the L-590Ax. It might also be a good idea to listen the Accuphase E-560
and/or E-550. Here in Europe the E-550 goes for 4000-4500 euros, i.e. less
than a new L-550 AX. Both Accuphase units have a remote control (I read
somewhere that Luxman class A integrated do not have one) and can drive
loads up to 1 ohm (the Luxmans might too do that, though the Luxman site
mentioned power figures only for 4 and 8 ohm load).

Keep us posted!

Best wishes,

Before you make a decision you might want to audition the Luxman L-509U or Luxman L-507U with your speakers.
The Luxman units sells lot more in Japan than Accupahse.
I use to own a Luxman L-507U. I have audition Luxman L-509U Also Accuphase E-450 and McIntosh MA7000. I prefer Luxman and McIntosh.
Hgeifman, if you found the Luxman 550 to be a great match with your speakers and CDP, no need to second guess yourself. Unless one has hard to drive speakers, 20 watts is more than enough. Furthermore, the Luxman integrated amps are excellent amps.

Here are some thoughts from a review of the 590ax from audiorom:

The market price of the L-590AX extends to €8,500. I do not think it is too much as a future owner will get a state of the art integrated amplifier with no reason to change it in next few years. He or she will have no choice anyway as there are no serious contenders. Adding extra €2,000 will buy you the Accuphase E-560, however, apart from its slightly deeper bottom end, you will not get much more. I should also add that the L-590AX includes a very good MM/MC phono preamplifier so one can save substantial money having such a all-in-one solution. If you still want to boost your listening experience you would have to invest into separate Class-A components (a preamplifier and a power amp) – indeed, it is a way, but not in this price segment.
I changed my mind. After I ordered the Luxman L-550ax, I kept thinking about the Luxman L-590ax. I reviewed various comments on the Internet and kept thinking about the L-590ax. It makes no sense to buy the L-550ax and want to buy the L-590ax.

After thinking about it for several days, I cancelled my order for the Luxman L-550ax and ordered the Luxman L-590ax. This should be my last amp for a while.

I am hoping to get delivery sometime next week. I will keep you posted.