Luxman vs. Accuphase

I am considering purchasing a Luxman or Accuphase Solid State Integrated amp. Does anyone have experiences with both solid state integrateds? Basic differences sonically? Thanks!

I have not heard the Accuphase, so I am just trying to gather a little more information, if possible.
If an answer intrigues me enough to pursue a demo, I will. There might be an aspect or two that my system could benefit further with the Acc... There is a small thing or two I am hoping to hear. We'll see...
But there are two camps here splitting hairs and very few that have actually heard both anyway. So maybe there is nothing more that can be said.
Here is the problem jriggy, you are asking for opinions from people online, which is fine in of itself, that is part of the purpose of these forums, but you have heard the Luxman in your system and state you like it. Is it possible you may like the Accuphase better, sure, but it is a gamble based on some comments. On the other hand you have a sure thing. Another sure thing, there is always something better.
Hi Jriggy,

A few years back a dealer in The Netherlands ( AudioLife ) has organised an Accuphase vs. Luxmann show. Unfortunately, I could not go. You might want to call them. They are very friendly and if you explain them the situation they might be willing to share with you a thing or two (English is not a problem for them).

Also, have you seen the review below?

Luxmann L-590ax

I am an Accuphase guy, however, the few times I have listen Luxman electronics I have liked them very much. IMO both companies make very very good products and neither can be considered as being totally superior. Accuphase is more expensive and IMO has a more classier look and it is a bit more flexible (e.g. you can add a DAC to it and it also has a numeric indicator for the volume control). The Luxman looks a bit funny IMO, it has eyes, ears and teeth. :) However, overall, the Luxman probably offers a better bang for the buck as it is significantly cheaper.

Buying the Accuphase without being able to try it in your system might be a mistake as you might end up paying more for something that will give you less. At this level system synergy and personal preference are very important.

Also, be aware that Accuphase has introduce the E-600 class A integrated, i.e. the evolution of E-560 (which will be discontinued). Thus, you should be able to get a significant discount for the E-560.

Finally, be warn that these Japanese boxes are very addictive. Once you have one in your system you will want more! :)

Keep us posted.
Hi Paul, when will the E-600 be released? At CES? Also, have you heard anything about the A-65 being replaced by a new model?
I got a statement from an audiophile friend in AU... Says the Luxman has a warmer tone and the Accuphase is purer and sweeter.

Could it be agreed with that the Lux is warmer sounding than the Acc?

He also says the Acc is better to his ear but of course that is subjective --and stated as so. But the other part of the statement seems to be a real world/tangible/observable difference that should be able to be corroborated.