Luxman vs. Accuphase

I am considering purchasing a Luxman or Accuphase Solid State Integrated amp. Does anyone have experiences with both solid state integrateds? Basic differences sonically? Thanks!
I got a statement from an audiophile friend in AU... Says the Luxman has a warmer tone and the Accuphase is purer and sweeter.

Could it be agreed with that the Lux is warmer sounding than the Acc?

He also says the Acc is better to his ear but of course that is subjective --and stated as so. But the other part of the statement seems to be a real world/tangible/observable difference that should be able to be corroborated.
One Japanese Audio Award, maybe biased, interesting to see nonetheless.
Dave, I have answered your question in a PM.

Bvdiman, it is funny to see how some products receive awards the moment they are released...

Jriggy, the few times I have listen to Luxman electronics they give me the impression they do not sound as full as Accuphase. Some may like that while other may not. Also, it could have been the speakers and/or room that gave me that impression - I have never compared the two in the same room with the same speakers.
I own the Luxman 590ax integrated amp and like it very much. I was not able to compare it to Accuphase since my local dealer had no demo models for me to hear.

I really like the warmth of the class A Luxman using my Sonus Faber Monitor M speakers. The Luxman drives the speakers with no problems in my large listening area. Of course, you have to listen to both models but I encourage you to listen to the Luxman Class A models (550ax and 590ax).