Luxman vs Accuphase for Harbeth 40.3 XD

I'm considering trying a SS integrated to power my 40.3 XDs. I'll buy used.

I've heard great things about T+A but they are really pricey, and Luxman and Accuphase look interesting, there are 2 examples for sale currently.

Luxman L-509X $6,300 and Accuphase E650 $12K

I hear a lot about high damping factor being necessary to get the best out the the Harbeth's (Luxman is 370 and the Accuphase is 1000).

Honestly cannot justify $12K at the moment but I wondered if anyone has any thoughts on these 2 amps for my speakers? Or any other suggestions?



Pass Labs INT-60 Integrated Amplifier ( 


Better sounding than the Luxman IMHO with the Harbeths.  Better match tonally- the Pass has such a clean and clear midrange and low end authority. Class A gives on-demand dynamics and woofer control which the 40s really need.  

Never heard the Accuphase.  

What is your personal preferences when it comes to sound..Luxman has a neutral tone whereas Accuphase has warmer sound. I auditioned both and preferred Accuphase. Another huge distinction for me was class A/B vs pure class A…E-650 is pure class A, it’s a sweet sounding integrated. If you gravitate towards, organic, slightly warm and SET sound then Accuphase is worth every penny.

And 2nd the recommendation for Pass Int over Luxman if you can afford Accuphase. 

Well, I can't give you a direct answer, but I can tell you that my Luxman L-505uXii mates very well with my Harbeth 30.1 speakers. There is a warmish character to the amp (in my room, with my ears) and the sound is balanced. I get more bottom end out of my speakers with the Luxman, and ended up selling my JL Audio subwoofer because I preferred the sound with out the complexity of the sub. Is there any way that you can audition either or both of the amps with your system? 


I purposely stayed away from class A amps although I knew there would be trade offs. I would not think that the Accuphase was 2X better than the Luxman. Of course this ignores the fact of diminishing returns in this hobby. Good luck on your hunt. I would not get in too much of a hurry. You did not say what you were replacing to drive the Harbeths. 

My  REGA OSIRIS integrated is terrific with my HARBETH 30.2XD’s and ATC subwoofer .

highly recommended for a all HARBETHs,,well Worth sn audition , and consider preowned to save a few bucks