Luxman vs Accuphase for Harbeth 40.3 XD

I'm considering trying a SS integrated to power my 40.3 XDs. I'll buy used.

I've heard great things about T+A but they are really pricey, and Luxman and Accuphase look interesting, there are 2 examples for sale currently.

Luxman L-509X $6,300 and Accuphase E650 $12K

I hear a lot about high damping factor being necessary to get the best out the the Harbeth's (Luxman is 370 and the Accuphase is 1000).

Honestly cannot justify $12K at the moment but I wondered if anyone has any thoughts on these 2 amps for my speakers? Or any other suggestions?



@dayglow I contacted a local SimAudio dealer to see if I could hear the Moon 700i. He didn't' have any direct experience with Harbeth but called a fellow dealer who had the 40.3XD's as his personal speakers (he does not sell them FWTW).

Anyway, the said the word was 100% go integrated, but the Sim dealer thought a better choice was the BAT VK3500 at $4K less them the 700i.

I was looking a BAT tube integrated before I bought the Roger's, but never considered their hybrid SS int.

A quick Google search found the VK3500 on sale at Music Direct for $9K with an open box for $6K so I snagged it - it was the only one.

Installed it on Wed. I have not had a serious listening session yet, but the early impressions are very good.

  • incredible detail
  • treble less forward, smoother
  • across the spectrum more balanced (pun intended) 
  • for sure bass is tighter
  • esthetically it looks great and blends in nicely - I got the black version and everything else I have is black so the Roger's was literally the red-headed-step-child (this is the least important consideration though)

We'll see what the next week or so brings. I've got 55 days to send it back if I'm not happy.

Lastly, I had a few questions for BAT and Victor himself answered and  was super helpful. I thought that was pretty cool.


I sold off my Luxman M900u for a Technics SU-R1000 with my Harbeth 40.3s. I think it is a fantastic match... between the Technics & the Harbeth, the detail and soundscape is so vast, but never at the expense of sounding natural and organic. I also owned a 509X which I loved, but never heard it with Harbeths. The Technics is a pretty stunning integrated right under $10K new.

@jsqt it’s gorgeous- if it sounds as good as it looks it would be amazing.

On my radar from Technics is the SL-1000RE - my local dealer says it beats TT in the 30-50K range

@macg19 Thx for the update. I got back in this hobby about 13 years ago after a 12 year hiatus. I spent the most time evaluating speakers and turntables, ironically both are still in my system today. My point is do your research and take your time this will save on money/aggravation then you will have components for the long term if desired.