Luxman vs Accuphase for Harbeth 40.3 XD

I'm considering trying a SS integrated to power my 40.3 XDs. I'll buy used.

I've heard great things about T+A but they are really pricey, and Luxman and Accuphase look interesting, there are 2 examples for sale currently.

Luxman L-509X $6,300 and Accuphase E650 $12K

I hear a lot about high damping factor being necessary to get the best out the the Harbeth's (Luxman is 370 and the Accuphase is 1000).

Honestly cannot justify $12K at the moment but I wondered if anyone has any thoughts on these 2 amps for my speakers? Or any other suggestions?


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If your not completely committed to Luxman or Accuphase you really should hear an Aavik integrated.  I have an I-280 along with their dac and streamer.  Quite exceptional.

You know, at the end of the days, it is going to come down to listening with you ears, in your room, with your system and your preferences. You will literally get hundreds of various recommendations. They are all well intentioned (well, maybe except the guy referring to the goofyass Harbeths), but their tastes , room and system are not yours. Good luck on the search. A while back, while searching for an integrated for my 30.1 speakers, I spoke with a Pass dealer (maybe Reno Audio?). Their recommendation was to go with higher powered A/AB amps as opposed to lower powered class A amps

@sro +1

I owned the Luxman 590AXII. Amazing amp! Last year I bought the Aavik U-280 
(basically, the same integrated amp as I-280 plus a built-in DAC). In my system, it is absolutely one or two levels above Luxman in every way. The only exception is the fit and finish. You can't beat a Luxman when it comes to build quality and looks. However, sonically Aavik is a notch or two above the Luxman integrated.

If you considering SimAudio Moon for the Harbeth check out the Benchmark AHB2 amp. The SimAudio is likely a very good choice and something I would take over a warmer toned amp. I heard a Harbeth speaker sometime back with Luxman gear, maybe 509x or m900u and c900u. I liked it a lot but thought it was too warm for my tastes and it would get tiresome. At that audition, I was thinking a Benchmark AHB2 would be what I want to hear with a Harbeth. 

I have a speaker that looks a lot like the 40.3 and it is slightly warm. I am going to have a listen to the new SimAudio 861 amp with these speakers.