Luxman vs Hegal

Anyone with actual experience hearing the Luxman 509X and the Hegel H390. Can you describe the difference of sound between the two?

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Thanks for the comments. I have the Hegel H390 and thinking of going to the Luxman 509X. Problem is that I have no way to listen to the Luxman 509X. I live in NC and there’s only one Luxman dealer in my area and he didn’t have the 509X to demo. I went to HiFi Buys in Atlanta and also no 509X to demo. Didn’t listen to the Hegel H390 prior to purchase and not satisfied in the least. Don’t want to make that mistake again.

So, very interested in additional feedback from anyone that’s actually heard the 509X and H390 that can describe their sound differences. Also interested in comparisons between the Luxman c900u/m900u and Hegel H390.


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Luxman c900u/m900u and Hegel H390.

I heard the Hegel 360 with KEF Blade 1 and it was good. Not the best Blade sound I have heard. I found it a little hard sounding on top. I am told the Hegel 390 using the internal DAC is smoother than the 360. However, when I heard the Hegel and Blades the top-of-the-line Hegel DAC was used. It was Hegel that was demoing this in a nice room.

Maybe 5 minutes later I went and heard the Luxman c900u/m900u with Vivid Giya Spirit (the top the line today). The Luxman setup was smoother without that hardness I heard with the Hegel. It sounded amazing.

I always prefer the Blade over the Vivid Giya (with proper amplification for both). On that day the Luxman gear made the Vivid more pleasing to my ears.

On another occasion, I heard the Luxman 509x and the Luxman c900u/m900u in the same room with the same speakers back-to-back. I was there to buy the 509x. After t heard the Luxman c900u/m900u combo I had no more interest in the 509x. It is a big difference in sound.

I did not buy the Luxman because I later tried the new KRELL Duo XD lineup and preferred that to the warmer Luxman sound. The KRELL is warm, but I find it not as warm as the Luxman. I have the KRELL Duo 175XD now.