Luxman vs Hegal

Anyone with actual experience hearing the Luxman 509X and the Hegel H390. Can you describe the difference of sound between the two?



I’ve listed the components of my two-channel system below. My room is about 19 x 19 and is a combo music and home theater. At this point I’m listening to 100% vinyl.

My impressions of the Hegel H390… Lots of power, VERY detailed and refined sounding. Smooth treble with good bass but the music lacks soul. I don’t have the vocabulary to describe the sound better than that. Can’t deny the Hegel is a good amp but it just doesn’t work for me. It could be a synergy issue with my speakers but I have no way of knowing. There is one stereo store in my city that carries mostly McIntosh, Mark Levinson so bringing home a Luxman, Krell, Pass Labs, etc. to audition in my home doesn’t seem to be an option.

Before purchasing the H390 I had a Hegel H200 which I loved. There were times when an album finished that I would just think, WOW!! So, I thought if the H200 sounded so great, the H390 would just blow me away. Sadly, not true. I did do some A/B comparisons between the two amps and after listening to the H390, the H200 sounded like a veil was over the music because it lacks the detail of the H390. So, no way of going back to that.

Bottom line is that I’ve stopped listening to music and have spent the last year researching so I very much appreciate the comments.


Revel Performa3 F208 speakers

Sumiko S-10 subwoofers (two)

Hegel H390 integrated amp

VPI Prime turntable

Transfiguration Axia MC phono cartridge

Sutherland Little Loco phono preamp

PS Audio Direct Stream Power Plant 15

Transparent Audio interconnects

Just from my own experience and perspective all your gear looks great except your Transparent cables. I’ve owned some over the years and heard them many times and always sucked the energy/life out of my system, Sorry to say. Before you do anything with a new integrated I’d go to your local store and borrow some other cables and have a listen

yyzsantabarbara I have been following c900u/m900u on the used market for some time. Don't know if I can spend that much but also don't want regrets so thanks for the comments regarding 509X and 900u. Maybe I should add Krell to my list.

@michobr59 with the release of the Luxman M10X amp I would expect some m900u units to come up for sale.

If I were to get the m900u (I won’t) I would use it with the $2500 Benchmark LA4 preamp, and this has nothing to do with cost. All about sound quality and what I like in a preamp. I use my KRELL Duo 175XD with a LA4 preamp, which is amazing in my office system.

Though I liked the demos with the c900u preamp, today after learning some things, I could not buy it. Mainly because I think a preamp should not color the sound too much and I think the c900u does color it. Though most folks seem to like that color. I did too but I am not sure if I could commit to that warmth long term.

Another combo that I preferred over the c900u/m900u and is a little less warm is the CODA 07x preamp and CODA #16 amp. I thought the KRELL amp sounded like the CODA #16 but with less overall power (2 Ohm). That was the best compliment that I could give the less costly KRELL.

I owned the CODA #8 but sold it to raise cash for a tube headphone amp purchase (turned out great). I am now selling the CODA 07x preamp because I am either getting a second Benchmark LA4 to pair with Benchmark AHB2 monos on a future system. I may ditch the Benchmark plan if I make the drastic decision to buy the new active KEF LS60 speakers (Baby Blades) and sell off some more gear.

The CODA 07x preamp is a tube-like SS unit that is in-between the sound of the LA4 and c900u.


BTW - for digital streaming the OP's interconnects do not matter. The USB cable or Ethernet to the Hegel may matter, though I do not find that to be the case with my DACs and streaming setup.


I am going to call an audible and attract you to an alternative. When I was in the market to upgrade a source for my B&W 802D3s, my dealer recommended the Rotel Michi line. I had money in hand to buy the Luxman separates (which I am obviously fond of), and the dealer sells. He stated the Michi performance is very close for 1/3 of the price. However, the resale value will not keep up with Luxman. The Michi line is incredibly built and offers an outstanding price/performance ratio. However, the new Luxman M10x ups the ante and further separates itself from the Michi line substantially!!

Lastly, a previous post highlighted the CODA line. This is an outstanding company to deal with!! I had a CODA 16, which was a powerhouse but a little too neutral for me. Their integrated's are exceptional and a great value. 

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