Luxman vs Hegal

Anyone with actual experience hearing the Luxman 509X and the Hegel H390. Can you describe the difference of sound between the two?


Honestly never heard or seen Hegel or Accuphase in real life but for looks and nostalgia factor I really would love to see and hear a new Yamaha integrated.

I heard the new top of the line Yamaha 5000 series gear, so separates. It was interesting to hear them after my Luxman c9000u.m900u experience.  I was demoing the Yamaha NS5000 speaker, which are great, but the demo was in a bad dealer room.

My takeaway was that the Yamaha gear sounded very good with the NS5000 speaker, but during the demo I was thinking I would love to hear those speakers with the Luxman stack. There is a saxophone part in the Rolling Stones song SLAVE, and on the Luxman stack I got the sense of the breath going into the sax. With the Yamaha it was not there, but the room was bad.

After some more time to think about it I am now inclined to hear those speakers with an all-Benchmark stack (which I have at home).

You may want to talk with the manufacturer of your speakers, or a dealer that sells them to obtain their perspective.

I bought the H590... because that line (Hegel) was what Harbeth demos their speakers with, and I was wanting an amp that would add dynamics, clarity and detail to my Harbeths.  It did!

That really is all that is relevant... how well does any amp you are considering drive your particular set of speakers.  With mine it was Hegel.  With yours it may be something entirely different that the two you're considering... you just need to find out from the manufacturer / dealer.


The Luxman destroys the Hegel for music realism, albeit slightly speaker-dependent. 

Can you elaborate on the above comment as to the type of speaker you consider best for Luxman and why? Any thoughts on my Revel F208s and Luxman?

Thanks for the previous info/comments, very helpful.


The Luxman M10X, M900U, 507Z, and 509X can power any speaker in production. Do not be fooled by the limited power specifications. Luxman's 100 watts is the equivalent of many's 200W amplifiers. Luxman excels in current delivery and driving difficult loads. 

The big question for you is your room size and listening levels? The class A 590AXII and 595ASE will depend more on those factors because of their limited power output. The 590 is a sleeper because, in testing, it far exceeded its 30W rated output, albeit in class a/b. Both of these integrated will have to be purchased used. Sadly, Luxman is "supposedly" getting out of the class A-game. 

Your Revels are 88dB sensitive with an impedance of 8 ohms. They don't appear to be too difficult of a speaker to drive; thus, depending on room size and volumes, I think you could choose whatever Luxman your ears and budget decide. 

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