Luxman vs Hegal

Anyone with actual experience hearing the Luxman 509X and the Hegel H390. Can you describe the difference of sound between the two?


I’ve heard this argument many times before that Luxman sounds soft overall and flabby in the bass department. I guess I must have heard something totally different, or perhaps people making such claims are relying on aural memories of the old Luxman sound. I home auditioned a lot of amps in my house and did not find anything remotely soft or flabby. The 590 is fairly neutral with just a hint of sweetness. When I compared it to Hegel 390, there was no difference in clarity and detail at all. They definitely have different presentation styles but you will never complain about lack of detail or flabby bass with either one. I do agree that the bass output on Hegel is better than Luxman. But for everything else my preference was Luxman. 

@verdantaudio  This is a slight digression, but how would you describe  the sound of the Hegel H30, if you have heard it.

@arafiq i agree with you regarding luxman’s sound. I was maybe generalizing the critique. I agree that detail is there. It is a lack of crispness that is quite musical and engaging with luxman. It is definitely softer than the crisper sound of Hegel.
Neither is good or bad. Just different.

@dbb nope. I have heard the H390 and H590, the latter is my current sample.  I have never heard the H30.

Luxman very neutral and refine. Depends on your speakers your using. H390 made have a tad more bass and thump.  Just on the looks itself, its Luxman.  My 590 AXii is clean and detail sounding. I'm using Nautilus B&W 803 speakers with them.

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