Hi From Denmark
My first own post and i need your experience about this seller. It would be greatly epreciated. (sorry for my poor spelling)
Is there anyone that have bought hifi from Lwaudio in singapore (lw_415). Is this a legit dealer?

Thanks for the reply. But I get nervus when a seller dont have a webpage (I can not find his webpage) and I only see him selling stuf here on Audiogon. He might be a great Guy, but I Would like to hear from someone who have bought from him. 
There is many ways to fake good ratings. 

There is many ways to fake good ratings.

he is not faking the rating / feedback.....as if he was, audiogon would have already banned him.

if you dont feel comfortable , then dont deal with him.         

i doubt you have anything to worry about as like I said, he is a longtime member with tons of feedback.

if someone looks at your profile / feedback you dont have any......so they would be more worried about dealing with you vs someone that has plenty of feedback.
Guy looks fine to me. People are quick to complain if there are problems with dealers.
I would buy that FM Acoustics 122 Phono pre he has listed if I had the funds!
I suggest you don’t buy from this seller. I have bought a datasat RS20i from him 2 months before and the problems appears after few weeks from purchasing. If you want spend a lot money for repairing then pls go ahead buy from him.
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